Sheep herding with Border Collies obeying the whistles of the handler is an enchanting sport.

Chris gives demonstrations, workshops and team building activities for enterprises, tailored to individual requirements.


Sheep herding provides a relaxing break.  After an impressive demonstration there is an opportunity to try this challenging activity ( 1 -to 2 hours)


It’s a unique experience which combines play, fun and team spirit.


If you intend to organise an original team building activity please contact us.




Chris has 4 border collies, Per,Mac, Luca, Jill and Roy which are  working sheepdogs and are of Scottish origin. They are each trained by handler Chris who is daily active in  the fields with his sheep.


Chris can also show how sheepdogs are trained for herding to create a workshop which can be combined with your own program.


Feel free to contact us for a quote without obligation.








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